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Brain Camp

Summer Brain Camp is FULL.

See you next year!

Summer Brain Camp

Four 3 Hour Sessions

12 Hours, TONS of Strategies

Dates: Monday, August 11, 2014 through Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Time: 9:00am-12:00pm

Cost is $279 per student.

All Summer Brain Camp sessions will be held

in the conference rooms at

Seneca Creek Community Church, 13 Firstfield Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Keep your student moving forward this school year and plan for next!

  • Is your child unsure of how or when to begin studying for big test?
  • Are they having difficulty with taking effective notes?
  • Do they have trouble recalling the appropriate information for the test?
  • Are they able to organize their overall academic materials?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then your student could benefit from Learning Essentials Brain Camp.

Learning Essentials’ Brain Camp will provide students with exciting learning experiences to increase achievement in study skills and learning skills.  Our explicit, systematic instruction is specifically designed to build new skills and develop confident learners.  Participation in our Brain Camp will offer opportunities to practice needed skills, enrich learning, provide specific strategies (that apply to all levels of learning), and prepare students for their future.

Our enhanced Brain Camp focuses on:

  • Test Preparation Skills: Learn the five-day test prep strategies for successfully taking tests…including how to reduce test anxiety.
  • Test Taking Strategies: Students learn the various types of test taking strategies and they practice taking test with various formats.
  • Breaking down long term assignments: Students learn how to break down long term assignments into manageable parts.
  • Managing study Time and Routines: Students learn how to prepare a Term Calendar including development of sound study habits and preparing daily organizers that benefit them in and out of school.
  • Taking Notes: Students learn effective lecture and textbook note taking strategies.

General Information:

  • Spring Brain Camp is held six consecutive Sundays in the late afternoon for 90 minutes per class for a total of 9 hours. Sessions take place in March and April.
  • Summer Brain Camp is held four consecutive week days, 9:00-12:00, 3 hour per class, 12 hours total. Session 1 and 2 will take place mid to late August.
  • Maximum 15 students per workshop/Minimum 5 students per workshop
  • Workshops fill on a first come, first paid basis
  • Tuition is per student (all materials and parent workshop included)


  • Summer Brain Camp: $279 per student. Tuition includes school tools, student workbook, and parent seminar.

View the Brain Camp Policies and Procedures page for details on registration

Contact us to learn more.

Contact us to learn more.

Brain Camp Reviews

  • “Brain Camp empowers the students with techniques and skills needed to be successful.” (Parent, 8th grade)
  • “I liked that we were able to create our own study schedule and all the study options that we learned. They will definitely help me in the future.” (Student, 9th grade)
  • “Brain Camp helped me learn how to get more organized. For example, the different binder systems and finding out which one would be most successful for me were great.” (Student, 7th grade)
  • “It was very engaging, per my daughter and I was very impressed that the camp was able to keep her engaged and interested and participating. She is usually very upset when I enroll her in things of any nature. I also appreciated the line of communication with parents.” (Parent, 11th grade)
  • “I am quite impressed with Brain Camp. My son found the strategies to be insightful and helpful. He did not fight me to come everyday.” (Parent, 10th grade)
  • “Brain Camp helped my son’s confidence by providing multiple strategies to study, organize and pay attention in class. Perfect!” (Parent, 9th grade)
  • “I liked learning how to organize myself and how to take notes. The memory strategies were helpful. I liked Brain Camp!” (Student, 7th grade)
  • “Brain Camp taught me how to effectively take notes, prepare for tests and long term planning. I give it two thumbs up!” (Student, 12th grade)